Characteristics of Al Hayat School

Characteristics of Al Hayat School Considering the importance given to the Arabic language, the school has attempted to create special classes for foreign students to teach them and develop their language and allow them to reach the level of their classmates. In addition, the school appointed an expert concerning students that have learning difficulties. This expert takes care of them and controls their learning process through special programs suitable to the abilities of each. Our school has as well adopted a series of extra courses and special programs to improve the students’ level and reinforce their scientific capacities; these courses take place each Saturday in order to guarantee their success according to the required level. Our slogan: Honesty and integrity, “Paternal love, maternal affection and brotherly smile. Our classes: Kindergarten – primary – elementary – secondary. Our sections: Arabic – English – French Payments: Suitable for all. Equipment: Large playgrounds, a theater, rooms for conferences, exhibitions, computer and laboratories. We present to you as well Educational programs according to the modern methodology of learning and several sports, artistic and cultural activities. Transportation is provided to all regions. For the Kindergartens we accept children who are 3 to 5 years old. Educational scholarships for excellent students. Classes Our classes represent a standard so they can’t take in more than 20 students as a maximum. However, concerning the KGs, the classes enjoy a special aspect, whereas each class is equipped with a television and a video as well as a large quantity of educational games that contribute to the process of activating their spirits and developing their senses. In addition we organized several educational and entertainment trips to many regions in Lebanon.


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