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Welcome To Hayat International School
During 2015- 2016 academic year, HIS was recognized as an IB candidate school for the Primary Years Program. Therefore, HIS can now benefit from a wide variety of services and support from the IB in order to meet authorization requirements.

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School Activities

Activities: HIS strongly believes that the activities office plays a vital role to improve and enhance the students’ academic performance. The Activities Office at HIS is a part of the Student Life Department which aims to further build the transdisciplinary concepts, refine student leadership and management skills, instill CORRCTT* values, keep up students’ motivation at its highest levels, and strengthen the bond between the school, students, and the community. Activities is an integral component of HIS daily life. Activities act as a valuable catalyst in creating the desired interactive educational environment by offering a wide variety of opportunities for the students to integrate recreation, civic and social experiences into the academic program. The activities office liaises, coordinates, and plans for in-school and out-of-school curricular and extra-curricular activities, afterschool activities, school clubs, special occasions and celebrations.


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