Special Arabic Considering the importance given to the Arabic language, the school has attempted to create special classes for foreign students to teach them and develop their language to let them reach the level of their classmates. Our school has as well adopted a series of extra courses and special programs to improve the students’ level and reinforce their scientific capacities; these courses take place each Saturday in order to guarantee their success according to the required level.

Activities The school’s care is not limited to academic and health, but it also offers entertaining programs academics. Therefore, it equipped the school building with a modern theater with the best sound and visual techniques in order to organize cultural conferences and celebrations. It also created equipped rooms for the drawing and music classes, adding the large playgrounds for students and special playgrounds for children to ensure their safety. The school has also founded sport clubs to practice “karate” , “football” , “basketball”, "Gymnastics", ... Our students have won several awards through their participation in various sport competitions with different schools. In addition, our school didn’t forget to develop the musical talents through teaching music playing on different instruments under the supervision of the best and experienced teachers. We also built a special space for drawing and manual work that was equipped with the best techniques. And our students could as well occupy the first places in drawing competitions that are annually organized under the supervision of Fabriano institution. These activities are scheduled on Friday afternoon.

Computer "When used by trained teachers, computers and their technologies enhance academic performance". For the computer courses we created a department of two laboratories furnished with the most modern equipment and educational methods under the supervision of professional and experienced people. Each room is equipped with 20 computers and an interactive white board. Each student can work individually but supervised. Our students had as well acquired the best positions and won several rewards through their participation in different competitions run outside the school.

Theatre Al Hayat School is proud of its underground theatre because it is quite unique in architecture and design. The proscenium stage is wide and roomy. The spacious auditorium floor slants downwards from the back to provide greater visibility. The 450 comfortable armchairs are of a dark blue color creating an overall sense of ease and warmth. The theatre is highly equipped with computerized sound, light and visual instruments satisfying the needs to run professional stage productions. All the schools' festivities, plays, conferences, celebrations, meetings etc. are held in the theatre. And, needless to mention that the school is always honored to receive external performances and presentations.

Technology To elaborate their conceptions of the environment, students need to interpret data, draw different conclusions and experiment ideas. As the students conduct an experiment, record their observation, collect data, analyze this data and draw inferences, they personality discover the goal of the study at hand. To support this vision, Al Hayat School has established the science and technology labs to meet high standards of quality.