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    Al-Hayat International School invites you to join it's 6th Open Day in 10 December at 10:00 Am click here
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    School Goals:

    1. Provide a professional learning environment that is based on solid and rigorous educational theories and concepts.
    2. Instill in students cognitive and behavioral values that correspond with the Islamic beliefs and morals in order to promote ethical behavior and encourage active positive contribution to society.
    3. Encourage students to pursue knowledge through the inquiry approach and help them develop their physical and intellectual skills.
    4. Develop students' leadership and social intelligence and foster their self-efficacy in order to support them to improve their scientific and performances kills.
    5. Employ modern technology, effective strategies and tools in order to support and complement the educational and professional processes.
    6. Reinforce, support and guide students' creativity and talents at all ages and levels so that they can innovative in sciences, literature, liberal arts, athletics, as well as visual and performing arts.
    7. Provide an environment of continuous learning and growth for the educational and administrative staff through a program of ongoing professional development.