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    Language Policy:

    Languages at HIS: HIS develops students' linguistic skills and capacities are developed bilingually in Arabic and English, and the are the primary working languages in the school. French is a secondary language which is initially taught  in the Early Years.

    Language at HIS is both: a goal and a process. We believe that the learning and teaching and language involves:

    - Learning it as a communicative tool with others.

    - Learning to develop a deeper understanding of how language works.

    - And learning through language so it can be used to express oneself, think, and reflect. Consequently, the proper use of languages and their rules is highly emphasized. (IBO, 2009)

    Accordingly, our main goals is oriented as follows:

    - During the first years, the focus is on listening to the child. During thiss period, the students express their ideas and feelings using their own written and oral language. The children are not introduced to or forced to follow any language rules in order to prevent any limitation in the way they think or suppress children's creative communication with the world.

    -  In lower elementary classes, the student discovers some of the linguistic rules. Further language skills and rules will be formally introduced and acquired as time goes by.

    -  In upper elementary classes, the student uses language to use language, learn about language, and also learns through language with more confidence and proper use to the conventions.

    Co-teaching is the methodology used in HIS. At least one Arabic homeroom teacher and one English homeroom teacher co-teach, are the students are able to inquire into trans-disciplinary concept. Separate language sessions are equally divided to boost language practices and help develop linguistic skills.