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    Campus Facilities:

    Educational Garden: The garden at HIS is forty. Here the students can connect with the environment, carry out planting activities, and conduct scientific observations about plants and nature.
    Location and surrounding environment: HIS is located on top of a hill facing the sea to the west, Beirut International Airport to the north, and the mountains and forests to the southeast. In addition, the school is surrounded by a variety of trees, its neighbors include herds of animals and shepherds, and there are factories that are within ten minutes from the campus. All this offers rich and original learning opportunities, and students can experience, at the same time, learning from life and about life.  

    ICT Center: The Information and Communications Technology Center is a place where students can research, interact, and communicate in virtual digital settings using different programs. 

    Science Laboratory: The science laboratory is a space that encourages students to learn. Students can get involved in a variety of experiments and research into scientific theories and concepts. 

    Prayer room: This year, a small prayer room was allocated in Block C to serve the HIS team members and students. In the upcoming years, we promise to open a larger Masjid which will accommodate up 700 people.